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Dogs Playing Poker has a diverse group of characters: eighteen dogs, a cat that's masquerading as a dog, a mechanical dog, and an ancient dinosaur dog. Each has their own style, personality, and dialogue.

Agnes (Shar-Pei)
Agnes is a 73 year old retired bakery owner who enjoys bird watching, knitting, and watching rugby.
Anastasia (Dalmatian)
Anastasia is a 29 year old fire fighter who enjoys driving, marathon running, and watersports.
Bagley (Beagle)
Bagley is a 21 year old home security specialist who enjoys tail chasing, shoe chewing, and rope tugging.
Beauregard (Bulldog)
Beauregard is a 65 year old personal assistant who enjoys cooking, water tasting, and opera.
Buffy (Border collie)
Buffy is a 32 year old interior decorator who enjoys grass consumption, personal grooming, swimming, and corporate communication.
Fang (Wolf)
Fang is a 52 year old grocer who enjoys singing, gardening, and child care.
Groucho (Saint Bernard)
Groucho is a 54 year old rescue worker who enjoys spherical object retrieval, anthropology, and chess.
Guido (Boxer Pug)
Guido is a 35 year old bill collector who enjoys studying law, weightlifting, and movies.
Haggis (Scottie)
Haggis is a 63 year old musician who enjoys home brewing, caber tossing, and incomprehensible slang.
Igor (Iguanadon)
Igor is a 35 year old city planner who enjoys fire safety education, entomology, and architecture.
Junkyard (Mutt)
Junkyard is a 21 year old dog that is between occupations at the moment, who enjoys boxing, wrestling, and flea markets.
Katarina (Domestic Shorthair)
Katarina is a 35 year old undercover agent who enjoys bird watching, singing, and random furniture destruction.
Lenny (German Shepherd)
Lenny is a 42 year old police dog who enjoys bone chewing, barking, and treat baking.
Mechano (Robot)
Mechano is a 1 year old hazardous materials disposal specialist who enjoys nut and bolt collecting, mathematics, and sewing.
Petunia (Poodle)
Petunia is a 37 year old hairdresser who enjoys grass consumption, shopping, and internet chat rooms.
Roscoe (Bassett Hound)
Roscoe is an independently wealthy 25 year old who enjoys weather measurements, eating, and motivational speaking.
Shaggy (Sheep Dog)
Shaggy is a 39 year old table scrap restaurant owner who enjoys scuba diving, hiking, and pipe collection.
Shasta (Golden Retriever)
Shasta is a 36 year old automotive salesperson who enjoys squirrel racing, home movies, and video games.
Thunder (Malamute)
Thunder is a 16 year old student who enjoys archery and ancient history.
Willard (Wiener Dog)
Willard is a 45 year old theoretical physicist who enjoys stargazing, window watching, and couch sitting.
Unlock the Hidden Character!
Play 200 hands to unlock a hidden character!

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